The right way to share private information

Send notes and get notified when they are read or shred. Request information and get notified when it is made available to you. Share code snippets in any programming language, syntax highlighting included.


Common questions about SafeShare!

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  • What is SafeShare?

    SafeShare is an enterprise level web application which allows you to safely share private information with your peers.
    With SafeShare, you can send notes and get notified when they are read or shred, request information and get notified when it is made available to you, share code snippets in any programming language, syntax highlighting included.
    At anytime the private content is stored encrypted and only the people having the password can decrypt it.

  • Why should I use it?

    Have you ever sent any private information via emails, text, instant messages or support tickets?
    What do you think it happens with that information after it has been used?
    The answer is simple, it remains there visible by anyone having access to it, at any time.
    Do you really want your private information laying around like this?
    Of course you don't.
    Here's where SafeShare comes into play. It will help you avoid this issue. It will help you make the information available for the right amount of time, only to the right people, and it will shred the information right after it has been used.

  • How it works?

    Safeshare allows creation of secure notes, requests and snippets which will be password protected and which will be stored encrypted with no one being able to read them except the people having the passwords. You can decide for how long these are valid for and they will be shred either after they are read or after their validity expire. When they are read, shred, deleted, etc, we will send you an email notification letting you know what happened.

  • How secure it is?

    Your notes, requests and snippets are encrypted with a variable encryption key based on a unique password you supply.
    This means that only the people with the password can decrypt them. We are not able to decrypt your notes or your attachments.
    Once a note has been shredded, its sensitive contents are erased completely.
    This is perfect for sending sensitive information such as passwords or personal information over email or message without exposing your information in clear text or worrying if that private email has been deleted.

  • What is a note?

    A note is a secure way to send information.
    When you create a note, you enter the content which is encrypted based on the password you enter and only people having the password will be able to read it. Each recipient of the note will be notified via email and will receive a unique URL to read it and once read, it will be shred and you will be notified.

  • What is a request?

    A request is a secure way for you to require information from somebody else.
    Instead of writing an email asking for private data from your peers, you will create a request which at any time has the contents encrypted and only people having the password can read it. The request recipient will receive an email and will fill in the request with the information you have asked for and you will be notified and can then read the request content. After you read it, the request will be shredded.

  • What is a snippet?

    A snippet, is as it's name says, a piece of code which you can share with your peers.
    When you create a snippet, you can decide when it will expire and whether it is password protected. If the snippet is password protected, we will encrypt the snippet content and only people with the password can read it.
    Snippets have a unique url and ability to be downloaded at any time.
    We support almost all programing languages for syntax highlight.

  • Can I run SafeShare as a SAAS platform and earn money with it?

    Yes you can!
    With SafeShare you can start your own business and offer it as a service to your customers and charge them accordingly.
    It offers all the tools you need to do so: customers management, payment gateways, price plans, orders, invoices, credit notes, subscription management, tax handling, currency handling, etc.

  • What payment gateways do you support right now?

    Since SafeShare's price plans will start yearly/monthly subscriptions, there are just a few payment gateways that offer this functionality and for now we only provide an integration with 2checkout. Most likely in future we can try and include other gateways.

SAAS ready

Start your own business with SafeShare today!
It offers all the tools you need to do so.

Customers management

Are you a business with multiple employees and want to use SafeShare?
No problem, add your employees as customers and easily manage them.

Customer groups

Easily create customer groups and assign the right permissions and quotas to each group.

Price plans

If using SafeShare as a SAAS, then you can create as many price plans as needed.
Price plans connect to Customer Groups for permissions and quotas.


If using SafeShare as a SAAS, you can easily manage your customers orders, invoices and credit notes.


When using as a SAAS platform, SafeShare's customers can buy price plans which will start a yearly or monthly subscription.
You can easily manage your customers subscriptions.

Secure notes

Create secure notes and send it to a list of recipients.
Get notified when the note is created, read, shredded or deleted.

Secure requests

Easily and securely request private information from your peers.
Get notified when they have provided the information for you.

Secure snippets

Send code snippets in various programming languages, either password protected or visible to anyone having the link.
Have them shred after read or at a later time.


Demo login data

Password: demo.backend

Password: demo.customer



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